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The meaning of error -1008F is that your Mac/Macbook Pro tried to start up from macOS Recovery over the Internet, but couldn’t.

What is Internet Recovery?

“Internet Recovery” Mode allows you to reinstall MacOS and troubleshoot the problems with Mac/Macbook Pro startup disk.

Possible reasons why Internet Recovery may not be working on your Mac/Macbook Pro

  1. Check your Wifi connection
    Possible solution
    : Check that your router is working…

Adobe Flash is being discontinued on December 31st, 2020.

Adobe’s Flash software has been used for years for online videos, games and other web elements.

In recent years, Flash has become less and less important. …

Caffeine is thought to have stimulant-like behavioral effects on mood and performance.

Scientific Opinion on the substantiation of health claims related to caffeine and increased fat oxidation leading to a reduction in body fat mass, increased energy expenditure leading to a reduction in body weight, increased alertness, and increased attention.

It is currently not known whether caffeine has an enhancing effect on long-term memory in humans.

Studies references:

Many people believe that memory works like recording device,” says Loftus. “But decades of research has shown that’s not the case. Memory is constructed and reconstructed. It’s more like a Wikipedia page — you can go change it, but so can other people.

Elizabeth Loftus begins her talk at TEDGlobal…

“Autocorrect in English for Lync”

Way there is no spellcheck/autocorrect in Microsoft Lync?

What if you do want spell check?
Thanks to Tom Arbuthnot's Lync'd Up Blog I found Autohotkey.
Autohotkey is a little automation/text expansion application for windows. Downloads for Autohotkey is “Autocorrect for English”, from the site, “This script corrects about 4700 common English misspellings on-the-fly (wherever you type them) via hotstrings. It also includes a Win+H hotkey to make it easy to add more misspellings.”

The scripts are plain text, so you can see the corrections and add your own as necessary.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean with SuperNexus

Disclaimer: It must be remembered that all the custom ROMs and firmwares, official software updates, tools, mods or anything mentioned in the tutorial strictly belong to their respective owners/developers. If any damage is done to your device, the author of this tutorial is not to be blamed on.


Pieter Herman

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